Navigational Ease and Ticketing System

NBIBS needed a more intuitive navigation system and efficient support. In 8 weeks, we streamlined the entire site, optimized navigation, integrated an AI chat, and added a parking information banner during the show, doubling visitor numbers and reducing support tickets by 50%.

Tools Used: Figma, Adobe XD, Webflow, JavaScript

Key Features: Streamlined navigation, AI chat integration, parking information banner, enhanced search functionality.

Problem Framing

NBIBS faced navigation challenges and frequent support tickets. Users struggled to find parking and event information.

Research and Insights

User Feedback: Analyzed user behavior and conducted usability testing.

Market Analysis: Studied navigation best practices and user needs for event websites.


  • Simplified Menu: Reduced and logically organized menu items for easier navigation.
  • Enhanced Search: Improved search functionality for better user experience.
  • Clear Pathways: Designed clear pathways for tasks and information access.
  • Improved Visual Hierarchy: Used visual cues to guide users.
Sitemap of the Newport International Boat Show website structure.
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Design Process

  • Wireframes and Prototypes: Created wireframes and interactive prototypes to test the design and navigation.
  • User Testing: Gathered feedback from diverse user groups and iterated on the design.
  • AI Chat Integration: Added AI chat for instant user support.
  • Parking Information Banner: Implemented a banner to provide parking locations during the show.
Full-page view of the Newport International Boat Show homepage and tickets page.
 Close-up view of the homepage of the Newport International Boat Show website.
Mobile view of the general admission and contact pages of the Newport International Boat Show website.
Laptop displaying the Newport International Boat Show homepage.
Mobile view of the tickets page and boat show information page of the Newport International Boat Show website.
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Results & Impact

  • User Engagement: Streamlined navigation and AI chat significantly improved user experience.
  • Reduced Support Tickets: The parking information banner and enhanced search reduced support tickets by 50%.
  • Increased Visitor Numbers: The website redesign doubled visitor numbers.


  • Learnings: Effective navigation and user-friendly design can significantly enhance user experience and support efficiency.
  • Future Improvements: Plan to introduce more personalized user experiences and further optimize the AI chat functionality.

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