ETH Blast

Top-Ranked Crypto Gaming Sensation

Launched Ethereum Blast as part of the Bling Financial platform to promote the new Ethereum cashout method. The game was designed with Ethereum-themed UI elements to leverage the popularity of the Ethereum keyword in app stores.

Tools Used: Adobe Suite, Figma, Blender, after effects

Key Features: Ethereum-themed design, engaging puzzle gameplay, and integration with Bling Financial's cashout options.

Problem Framing

The challenge was to create a game that could effectively promote the new Ethereum cashout method on the Bling platform. The game needed to be engaging and leverage the Ethereum keyword to increase visibility in app stores.

Research and Insights

User Feedback: Collected from initial beta testers and market analysis. Identified the need for a visually appealing and intuitive interface.

Market Analysis: Analyzed the popularity of the Ethereum keyword and competitor games to identify best practices for engaging puzzle mechanics and user retention strategies.


Creating game assets required balancing simplicity and uniqueness. The assets needed to be easily understandable on small devices while maintaining a unique Ethereum theme.

We developed intuitive and visually appealing UI elements, ensuring that the cashout process was straightforward and rewarding. Additionally, optimized the game to rank well under the Ethereum keyword in app stores.

Ethereum Blast game interface showing colorful puzzle gameplay with Ethereum-themed elements and targets.
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Design Process

  1. Wireframes and Prototypes: Developed initial wireframes and interactive prototypes to test the game’s design and mechanics.
  2. User Testing: Conducted usability testing with diverse user groups to gather feedback and iterate on designs.
  3. Animation and Interaction Design: Created engaging animations for solving puzzles and earning rewards.
  4. Integration with Bling Platform: Added Ethereum cashout options alongside existing cash and Bitcoin options to the Bling Financial platform.
  5. Ethereum-themed UI: Designed game elements around the Ethereum theme to create a cohesive and visually appealing user experience.
Ethereum Blast game interface highlighting Ethereum-themed puzzles and a prominent Ethereum crystal.
Ethereum Blast game interface showing epic space missions with Ethereum-themed puzzle elements and targets.
Futuristic Ethereum-themed game character with rainbow-colored hair, holding an Ethereum crystal in a vibrant cosmic background.
Ethereum Blast game interface displaying different puzzle missions with Ethereum-themed icons and targets.
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Results & Impact

  • User Engagement: Successfully combined engaging puzzle gameplay with Ethereum-themed rewards, attracting a broad user base.
  • Positive User Feedback: Users appreciated the innovative combination of puzzles and Ethereum rewards.
  • Increased Visibility: The game’s presence under the Ethereum keyword in app stores helped drive downloads and user retention.


Learnings: Combining popular themes like Ethereum with engaging gameplay can significantly boost user interest and retention.

Future Improvements: Plan to introduce more advanced features and puzzles, as well as additional cryptocurrency options to keep the game fresh and engaging.