ETH Blast

Top-Ranked Crypto Gaming Sensation

• Create an engaging mobile game to promote Ethereum cash out options and rank under Ethereum keywords in the app store.

• Recreate Bling cash-out flow to allow Ethereum and other currencies.

Timeframe: 3 months

🧩 Problem Statement

Bling Financial wanted to increase user engagement and promote their new Ethereum cash-out options. The existing cash-out process was cumbersome, and users were not sufficiently motivated to use the app regularly.

🏆 Key Challenges

  1. User Engagement: Creating a game that keeps users engaged over the long term.
  2. Cash-Out Process: Simplifying the cash-out process for multiple currencies, including Ethereum.
  3. Accessibility: Ensuring the game is accessible to all users, including those who are colorblind.

Design Process

Reskinning & Design

  • Visual Redesign: Updated visual elements to match the Ethereum theme.
  • Accessibility: Ensured design accessibility for colorblind users.
  • Animations & Sound: Managed to align with the new theme.

UX Research & Insights

User Research

  • Interviews: Conducted user interviews to understand pain points and preferences.
  • Surveys: Distributed surveys to gather quantitative data on user behavior.

User Testing Sessions

  • A/B Testing: Compared different design elements to identify the most effective options.
Ethereum Blast game interface showing colorful puzzle gameplay with Ethereum-themed elements and targets.
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Iterative User Testing

Weekly Playtesting

  • Team tested the game weekly to assess and improve the fun factor.
  • Incorporated feedback continuously to refine the game.

Example Issue & Solution

  • Issue: Users were unable to recognize what the bonuses were doing.
  • Solution: Redesigned bonus visuals for clarity and improved user understanding.
Eth animation
Green item collect ETH Blast
Blue item collect ETH Blast
grey item collect ETH Blast
Orange item collect ETH Blast
Violet item collect ETH Blast
Ethereum Blast game interface highlighting Ethereum-themed puzzles and a prominent Ethereum crystal.
Futuristic Ethereum-themed game character with rainbow-colored hair, holding an Ethereum crystal in a vibrant cosmic background.
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💰 Cash-Out Flow Redesign


Allow different currencies, including Ethereum, for cash-out.


  • Conducted user research to identify pain points in the existing cash-out process.
  • Redesigned the flow to simplify the user experience and integrate multiple currencies.
  • Implementation

    Ensured seamless integration across all platforms, with online handling for iOS due to platform restrictions.

    Currency cashout flow

    📈 Results

    • User Engagement: Significant improvement in user retention and engagement.
    • App Store Ranking: Achieved top 5 ranking for "Ethereum" keywords on Google Play.
    • Revenue Generation: Became a significant revenue generator for Bling Financial.


    ETH Blast was developed as an engaging mobile game to promote Ethereum cash-out options. The project involved comprehensive UX research, iterative testing, and rigorous playtesting. The redesigned cash-out flow streamlined user experience, accommodated multiple currencies, and improved overall satisfaction.