Bling Financial

Enhancing User Financial Interaction

Led the redesign and continuous improvement of the Bling Financial app, including login/sign-in, cashout, point rewards animation, and adaptation to iOS and Android guidelines.

Tools Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, After effect, Figma.

Problem Framing

We faced several challenges: adapting rewards to meet platform-specific requirements, enhancing user retention through regular updates, and making the app intuitive for non-English speaking users without translations.

Research and Insights

We gathered user feedback through team tests, reviews, customer support tickets, and direct user interactions.

Our research involved market analysis to identify successful engagement strategies, and extensive demographic testing with diverse user groups to ensure ease of use across different demographics. Additionally, we aimed to make receiving crypto on Coinbase (or other wallet) a positive experience, despite users' limited understanding of crypto.


Successfully aligning the app's reward systems with platform-specific requirements was crucial for compliance without compromising user experience. We managed a 20-party power system that reloaded every 8 hours, balancing ad rewards to avoid user fatigue. Despite increased complexity in maintaining consistent ad rewards, we ensured they didn't diminish in value.

Working in a startup environment with a small team of 12 people, and being the only designer, made it challenging to manage everything simultaneously. Despite the difficulties, we were able to rapidly deploy MVPs and test new features, gathering essential user feedback to continuously iterate and improve the app.

Bling Financial app's prototyte cashout process, including Bitcoin conversion, verification, and transaction confirmation stages.
Bling Financial website screenshots showcasing game promotions, user benefits, and download options.
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Design Process

  1. Wireframes and Prototypes: We developed initial wireframes and interactive prototypes to test new designs.
  2. User Testing: Conducted usability testing to gather feedback and iterate on designs.
  3. Animation and Interaction Design: Developed engaging animations for point rewards.
  4. Security Adaptations: Regular updates to combat scammers required frequent UI and experience adjustments.
  5. MVP Deployment: Frequently deployed MVP products to test app revenue and user rewards, ensuring rapid iteration and feedback integration.
Comprehensive flowchart illustrating the user journey in the Bling Financial app, from launching the app to cashing out, including gameplay, rewards, login options, and piggy bank features.
Flowchart detailing the Bling Financial app's cashout process, including currency selection, email verification, processing, and validation steps.
Bling Financial logo design variations with crown icon, displayed in different color schemes and backgrounds.
Bling Financial app's cashout process with cryptocurrency options and verification steps.
Bling Financial app user interface elements, including account settings, points history, and cashout process.
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Results & Impact

During this period, the user base increased from 2 million to 10 million. Users reported enhanced satisfaction with the app’s new design and features. We successfully balanced app revenue generation with rewarding users, maintaining engagement and satisfaction.


Learnings: Continuous engagement and reward systems are vital for user retention.

Future Improvements: We plan to incorporate more user feedback and explore additional gamification elements to further enhance user engagement.

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