Bitcoin Sudoku

Inclusive Game Tutorial Design

Led the design and development of Bitcoin Sudoku, a mobile game that integrates Sudoku puzzles with cryptocurrency rewards.

Tools Used: Adobe Suite, Unity, figma

Problem Framing

Many users found Sudoku difficult and intimidating, resulting in low retention rates. The challenge was to create a tutorial that could teach the basics of Sudoku to new players, regardless of their language proficiency, and make the game accessible and enjoyable.

Research and Insights

User Feedback: Collected from initial beta testers and market analysis. Identified the need for a comprehensive and engaging tutorial to simplify Sudoku for beginners.

Market Analysis: Analyzed competitor puzzle games to identify best practices for tutorial design and user engagement.


Creating a tutorial that effectively taught the basics of Sudoku while being accessible to non-English speakers was challenging. We focused on making the tutorial visually engaging and easy to understand, breaking down complex rules into easily digestible steps.

Bitcoin Sudoku app's dark mode interface showing a medium-level Sudoku puzzle with hints and notes options.
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Design Process

  1. Wireframes and Prototypes: Developed initial wireframes and interactive prototypes to test the tutorial’s design and effectiveness.
  2. User Testing: Conducted usability testing with diverse user groups to gather feedback and iterate on designs.
  3. Tutorial Design: Created a visually engaging and easy-to-understand tutorial that simplified the complex rules of Sudoku without overwhelming users. Ensured the tutorial was accessible to non-English speakers.
Bitcoin Sudoku app interface showing a Sudoku puzzle and a tutorial overlay explaining how to complete the puzzle with the missing number.
Bitcoin Sudoku app tutorial interface in dark mode, guiding users through filling empty spaces in the puzzle.
Bitcoin Sudoku app showing the completion of the tutorial with a congratulatory message.
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Results & Impact

  • User Engagement: The engaging tutorial improved user retention rates and received positive user feedback.
  • Increased Retention: Simplifying Sudoku for beginners resulted in a higher retention rate.


Learnings: Simplifying complex game rules through engaging tutorials is crucial for improving user retention. Accessibility for non-English speakers enhances overall user experience.

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